Redemption Plus
Your partner in out-of-home entertainment design

Keeping up with your product assortment is no easy feat

Then there’s making sure all of your prizes are presented well in your redemption area through strong merchandising techniques.
But have you ever considered that even if you’re an expert at product assortment and merchandising,
they’re worth nothing if your redemption area isn’t designed well?


Whether you're a new build or looking to remodel your family entertainment center, we can help. We offer design expertise for redemption rooms, game rooms and beyond for your FEC.

A typical design project goes like this:

1 | Design discovery meeting: We will walk you through our design portfolio and service packages to see what will best suit your needs.
2 | We then create a timeline and contract for the services based on your project and the level design you are requesting.
3 | Preliminary design: We'll deliver the first draft of design for your review.
4 | Final design: This is the final result, including any changes made after the preliminary design.
5 | Builder dimensions: We deliver basic design dimensions to your builder, so they can get to work.
6 | Builder communication: Our design team is open to any communication with any persons on your behalf to ensure the design is brought to life as you see fit.



Incorporate custom fixtures to your redemption space to improve functionality and guest experience. The use of color, lighting and movement are used to draw the customers attention.

Traditional Examples

Next Level

Upgrade design elements of your redemption space to have a more unique and branded feel. These designs use enhanced versions of color, lighting and movement.



We incorporate extraordinary design elements that are tailored to a certain theme or overall branding of your facility.


Benefits of Specialized

1 I We tailor designs specifically to the needs of a family entertainment center. We use our 20+ years of business knowledge to create a cohesive customer experience and then customize it to your clientele.
2 I Our designs create welcoming spaces where guests like to socialize and hang out.
3 I Redemption is drastically different than retail. We specialize in redemption area design throughout the lifetime of your account. We understand the needs of this space and how to make it most profitable for you.
4 I We consider how the use of color, light, movement and other psychological elements manipulate a player’s mindset and help them spend their money in the game room.
5 I It's important to understand the relationship between the the game room and redemption space. Ultimately, your redemption should stimulate and support continued game play.
6 I Communication with specified team members and partners
7 I We use fixtures that make the product work harder for your overall display. Fixtures are meant to allow the product to shine in a way that sells the entire experience - not simply allow the product to be an afterthought.

Services Offered

1 I Consulting  -  Advisory counsel of many different spaces you may need assistance with
2 I Custom Design - Utilize our services to design spaces throughout your facility including but not limited to: game room, party room, and redemption
3 I Experiential Design - Out of the box fixtures or overall designs that impress on a unique level
4 I Inspiration Boards - We can help you create inspiration boards to assist you in presentations and bank proposals
5 I Design Kits - These predesigned kits help you upgrade your current space or we can create a plan for those who have standard space dimensions, such as a 12' redemption counter
6 I AutoCAD or SketchUp 3d Drawings  - Turn your space into manipulable 2D or 3D drawings
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